CyberLearn Arkansas

An instructional consortium to expand and diversify cyber technology education throughout Arkansas and beyond

The Cyber Learning Network (CyberLearn) is a consortium among seven University of Arkansas System campuses to expand and diversify workforce education in emergent cyber technologies throughout Arkansas and beyond. Since fall 2022, learners at each participating institution can work towards a Certificate of Proficiency in Cybersecurity Fundamentals via in-person, synchronous online, or asynchronous online learning. Additional certificates and degree programs are continually added. 

No matter what campus students attend, each has a Secure Training Operations Center (STOC) as a Zoom-enabled learning lab where teams of students can work with instructors and other learners across the network on common equipment and technology. 

CyberLearn’s cybersecurity curriculum aligns with NIST and ABET standards and has been created with substantial input from chief information security officers (CISOs) from Arkansas industries. CISOs have also assisted in the design of the STOC learning spaces and cybersecurity workouts and simulations on UA Little Rock’s cloud-based Cyber Arena. Coursework includes project-based and work-based learning, as well as opportunities for earning credit for military, on-the-job, apprenticeship, boot camp, and other types of prior learning.

Participating Institutions

Fall 2023

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We are now enrolling students for fall 2023 and seeking new partner institutions and industry/community partners for fall 2023 and spring 2024.